How to nail your prep photos on your wedding day.

With everything you've planned and put together for your wedding, you'd be forgiven for missing this one out- the prep space in the morning! You're going to be spending about 30% of your wedding day in this space, that's a good chunk of time and a LOT of photo opportunities you'll want to look back on. Here are a few ways you can elevate these photos in your gallery (and help your photographer out too!)

#1 Choosing a space/prep venue

If you're lucky enough to have a say in where you're getting ready on the morning of, choose somewhere with a living space large enough for all of your wedding party, your hair and make up artists as well as extra space for any kids or pets who might be wandering around. Having lots of space will help for photos but it'll also make you feel less cramped and will reduce clutter from building up.

It will also really help if you choose somewhere that has a lot of natural light coming in. This will not only make you feel like there's more space but your photographer and make- up artist will thank you too!

If you are getting ready at the venue and don't have as much of say, make sure you ask the venue for the biggest and lightest room available. Fortunately venues are used to these requirements and will often have a suitable space.


This will sneak up on you and is very easily done. Tidy as you go and ask your wedding party to do the same. This will make your photos look so much better and it will be easier to keep track of where everything is!

#3 Have your details and dresses ready.

Part of your prep photos will include a 'detail shot' and dress photos, it's much easier to get these done if all your details are kept together and the dress(es) are ready to go! Pop your detail bits together in a bag or shoe box (perfume, jewelry, garter, sentimental items, rings, shoes, etc), you'll also need your flowers and of course your wedding outfit.

As for wedding party outfits (bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen suits etc), hang these up somewhere out of the way and on any hangers you may have bought. You don't need personalized hangers but make sure to buy nice-looking, sturdy hangers for these photos rather than plastic ones- trust me, it makes a difference!

#4 Allow time for the shots you want

Even if you just want candid shots from your wedding prep, make sure you allow yourself some time to just chill, have a cheeky prosecco and chat with your party. 'Fly on the wall' shots look great when you're feeling relaxed and excited.

Now, if you have more specific ideas make sure your time line allows it! If you finish hair and make up and then need to head straight to your registrar, it might make your first look rushed. If you want a shot of everyone before they get in their outfits, it will have to be once everyone is done with hair and make up so make sure there's time for that. If you want coverage of you and your partner getting ready it can be very hard to do this with just one photographer so consider a second shooter. All of this will be much easier in a large and tidy prep space too- see how they all work together?

#5 Get organized and Let your party and vendors help

It's the start of your wedding day, you've spent so much time planning it so enjoy it! Make life easy for yourself by organizing yourself the day/week before. Have a timeline ready, lists of things you'll need and vendor contact info at the ready should you need it. This way your wedding party have everything they need to help you and help the morning run smoothly. Your vendors will also be more than happy to help out in any way they can to get your ready and out of the door when you need to be.

It can also be helpful pack and arrange your bits and pieces in the order you'll be needing them, e.g. don't pack your wedding jewellery and hair pieces on top of your PJs and toiletries.