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For the little moments, easily forgotten

Well hey you. I'm so glad you've found me and I hope you're enjoying having a little snoop through my website.
Sooo what do I write here exactly?
Well I'm Claire and I'll be your photographer today.

If you follow my stories on Instagram then you'll know I'm a mum to 3 absolutely crazy womb-fruit and the time of writing I am soon to be married myself. Being a mum and bride-to-be has given me a huge amount of insight into how to best serve my clients, what their needs are and what's important to them. I've been pressured into booking vendors at wedding fayres, been to shoots where I wasn't fully informed or didn't really 'click' with that specific photographer. Which is why I believe it's so important to really connect with my clients, communicate clearly and the results speak for themselves. Also let's be honest, if you feel uncomfortable it's going to show in your photos and no-body wants that. You won't find any hard sales, jargon speak or intimidation when you book with me. I'm just a girl standing in front of a person, asking them to whisper rude, silly things into each others ears to make you giggle.

A little bit about me as a person

  • I'm a smiley person
  • I love colour, glitter and all things a bit 'extra'
  • I adore animals, music, travel and food
  • If I can buy something for £20 or make it myself costing me £50 in crafting supplies, you'd better believe I'm 'bout to be £50 poorer
  • I speak French and have a degree in Zoology
  • Dark humour and sarcasm are always welcome.
  • I've been told countless times that I cackle like a witch
  • I'm always up for an adventure, crazy idea or creating every day magic.

I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.

David Bowie

Don't just take my word for it....

Don't just take my word for it....

Danni + Chris

Had a fantastic Halloween shoot with Claire and loved every minute, she had excellent ideas & made me & my partner feel at ease immediately. Claire will definitely be my first port of call for any future shoots.

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