So you've just gotten engaged but now you need photos to plaster all over the wedding invites (and maybe Instagram... just a little). Say no more. When you book an engagement session with me you can be as smoochy as you want, as intimate as you want and incorporate your personalities to end up with photos that feel like you as a couple and honour your history.

'But Claire, I'm so awkward in front of the camera'- It's all good! Everyone is at first which is why these sessions are so great, they can actually help alleviate some of that anxiety. I won't rush you or get you into any 'Vogue-esque' poses, we'll chat, have a bit of wander and take some photos along the way. This is also a great time to let me know what kind of photos you like or dislike, any parts of your body you feel self conscious about etc.. By the time it comes to taking your wedding photos you will feel so much more confident about it!

'Where do you do these shoots?'- We have so many lush beaches and parks in South Wales that these are always a great option, especially if you're bringing a four legged friend. Sometimes we may even have the option to go to your wedding venue on a weekday for photos or we could even go to where you met, your favorite bar/tattoo studio, have a wander around the city or even an ice-cream bar! They're your photos and they're personal to you so the worlds your oyster!

Pricing & Packages

Pre-Wedding Shoots

The package comes with all planning before hand, use of props, up to 2 hours shooting time and all the photos as digital downloads.


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