Photos from a Mums perspective.

If you're anything like me, I bet your camera roll and google drive is FULL of years and years worth of family photos. You might look through them every 6 months or so, remember that day at the zoo, that special birthday party or that time they made a huge mess in the kitchen with paints. Maybe you haven't even had a family photo that isn't a selfie since your family grew a new member or its just been one heck of a long time. Let me help you change that.

Imagine you finally got round to printing those photos, creating that canvas and finally hanging it in that space above the sofa or along the hallway like you've always pictured. Well I am that Mum and help is on the way!

This summer, lets book you in to create those memories and some incredible photos. One's where you're all having fun, living in the moment and doing what you do best. For once you'll all be in the photo, without having to pass the phone to your eye rolling partner or bribing your kids with sweets to all look at the camera. Okay, maybe a little bit of bribing!

The Offer.

Step 1.

Book Your Session.

The session fee for these shoots is £99 which is due at the time of booking. This secures your date and covers our time planning and shooting together.

Step 2.

We have an awesome time

We do the shoot! It's a blast, we make some awesome memories and you'll get a sneak peek within 48 hours.

Step 3.

pick your Package

View your photos in a private online gallery and choose from one of the 4 packages below.

Package A

1 x 24" x 16" framed print

2x 16" x 20" framed prints (each holding 2x photos)

Package B

9x sets of 8" x 8" framed prints.

Package C

2x 12" x 16" framed prints

2x 8" x 12" framed prints

Package D

1x 24" x 20" framed print

4x 12" x 8"



Simi Gill

Super bubbly, friendly and down to earth human being! It was such a pleasure having Claire join us at our event and capture the most beautiful memories!

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Can I buy digitals?

Of course! After choosing your package from the above options you can add on digitals, extra prints, photo books, canvases and accordion books onto your order

When will these sessions be held?

They will typically be during week days during the summer holidays. When we have our initial phone call/ email exchange I will send you a list of available dates and times

Are these sessions only in the evening?

I do prefer to do them in the evening as the lighting can be so much softer and more beautiful to work with. However if an evening slot is absolutely impossible I may offer a daytime session.

How many people can join?

I don't have a limit on the number of family members that can join. The more the merrier.